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Technical Specifications of all deployments executed by the BLTCM Team

Itaas Elementary School and San Bartolome High School

Veritas Parochial School

University of the Philippines

Software in development:

Bayanihan Linux Thin Client Manager CD

A cost effective, Open Source thin client solution with Installation Wizard and Administration Features that efficiently utilizes resources and intelligently manages the whole system to meet the true needs of today's growing thin client and server-based computing environments.

It aims to provide organizations with significant benefits such as improved performance, centralized desktop and data management, remote access, increased data protection, and reduced end-user support and maintenance cost. The project was established with a vision to catalyze the use of Open Source client-server computing in public and private organizations. Also, to maximize computing resources by converting obsolete machines into diskless client computers, enabling organizations to pursue computerization efforts with minimal expenses. It is a true Filipino initiative to information liberation.


Thin Client Clustering

Distributed Computing

Security and Authentication


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