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Bayanihan Linux Thin Client Manager is a complete and cost effective solution with server-based management features for simpler installation and administration, to meet the true needs of today's growing thin client computing environments. Using the base technologies of Bayanihan Linux operating system and Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP).

Features include:

  • 4-Click installation wizard
  • User-friendly Configuration of Client Computers
  • Management of Users and Groups
  • Restriction of User Application
  • Control of User Menus
  • Restriction of User's Time of Use
  • Monitoring of User's Application Usage
  • Monitoring of System Disk Space, Application Usage
  • Monitroing of System Disk Space, Memory, and CPU Usage
  • Generation of System Reports
  • System Administrator Guide

System Requirements:

- Server
- Client Computers (w/o hard drives, CD-ROM drives, and floppy drives)
- Network Switch
- Bayanihan Linux Operating System
- Bayanihan Linux Thin Client Manager

Installation Wizard

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