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LTSP Going Religious?!?

The LTSP group of the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) deployed a Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) setup last September 26, 2003 at Veritas Parochial School (VPS) in Parañaque. Together with the deployment was the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between ASTI and VPS.

Veritas Parochial School, headed by Msgr. Ernesto A. Joaquin, is a private sectarian school providing education in the primary and secondary levels. As part of their curriculum, computer literacy is provided through exposure to technologies that are fast becoming popular, Linux being one of them. Mr. Resmond Gonzalez, head of the IT department of VPS, realizes the advantages of having a Linux setup and spearheaded the setup at VPS through the help of ASTI's LTSP group.

The ASTI, having recently deployed an LTSP setup in one of the laboratories of the UP Computer Science Department, saw the advantage for VPS having an LTSP setup. Apart from exposing students to new technology, VPS will also be able to cut costs in their software and hardware.

The LTSP (Linux Terminal Server project) is an open source solution born out of the need of a terminal that can communicate with a Linux application server. It should run TCP/IP and allow its users to access the web and send and receive email. It should also be inexpensive and easy to maintain. The solution was a diskless workstation, a computer that doesn't need a hard disk, floppy, or CD-ROM to boot from. LTSP connects itself to a server to get its IP address, downloads the kernel, and mounts its own root file system. Then it loads the X-Server software (a process which controls a bitmap display device in an X-Window System - a specification for device-independent windowing operationson bitmap display devices) into memory and executes it. Eventually, a user will be allowed to log-in and execute applications from the server. Because the workstation is running only a few programs, any inexpensive or low-end computer can be used in this setup. http://www.ltsp.org

ASTI sees the deployment of LTSP in Veritas Parochial School as an opportunity to establish the use of Open Source to students in primary and secondary levels.

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