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Q: How can my organization benefit from this product / project / service?

A: An Open Source thin client solution will provide organizations with significant benefits such as:

Centralized desktop administration, applications and upgrades can be provide to multiple users. Furthermore, any changes made on the server are immediately effective involving no interaction with individuals.

Central management of virus protection, virus updates can be automatically implemented to all workstations reducing maintenance tasks and improving network security.

Reduced exposure to theft, confidential and important documents can be easily secured because of centralized storage of data.

Increased data protection, backup of sensitive information can be easily implemented without the need to access and check individual workstations.

Reduction in end-user support, thin client/server model allows IT Staff to support significant number of users as compared to fat client implementations.

Control over user flexibility, because of the absence of hard drives in client workstations, installation of unauthorized applications, virus infections and unintentional desktop corruption will be eliminated.

Remote access, users are able to accesss their application and documents from any desktop for roaming user work scenarios.

Improved performance, centralized, server-based management simplifies and improves application deployment and upgrades, thereby speeding up rollouts.

Cost reduction, hardware upgrade costs can be reduced, and software licensing expenses can be eliminated thereby maximizing an organizations available resources.
Q: My organization might be interested in a possible tie-up with ASTI for this product/project/service. Who should we get in touch with?

A: Send an email to blts@asti.dost.gov.ph.

Q: How much will it cost our organization to use this product/service? Does it include trainings?

A: The package may vary depending on customer's needs. Training can be included in the package. The training cost may vary depending on the number of participants and modules that will be discussed.
Q: Does this product/project/service cone with tech support? Who will handle it?

A: One month on-site and two months off-site (phone calls, email) Technical support shall be given.

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