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      Bayanihan Linux Thin Client Manager CD

Quick Install Guide

  1. Login as "root".
  2. Insert CD.
  3. Double click File Explorer.
  4. Go to "mnt/cdrom" directory.
  5. Double click "bltcm installation wizard" icon. The welcome window of the installation wizard will appear.
  6. Click Forward then choose Accept.
  7. Click Forward then click "Yes" when the popup window with the following message appears "/opt/ltsp directory not found. Do you want to create this directory?"
  8. Wait until "Done installing BLTCM" message appears on the progress bar.
  9. Click Forward then click Apply.
  10. Click "Yes" when the popup window with the following message appears "XDMCP needs to be restarted, please login as root and double click the BLTCM icon on your desktop for management utilities. Restart it now(you will be logged out)?". This will restart the KDE desktop manager.
  11. Login as "root".
  12. Double click BLTCM icon in your desktop for launching the Bayanihan Linux Thin Client Manager.

Basic Bayanihan Linux Operations


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