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 Bayanihan Linux Terminal Server Setup for Veritas Parochial School

Veritas Parochial School
Escoda cor. Gil Puyat Sts., B.F. Homes Phase 1, 1700 Parañaque City
Purpose of System:
Used in Elementary and High School Library
Users of System:
Students, Staff, and Faculty
Hardware Specifications:
(1) Server:
- 1.8GHz Pentium 4 Processor
- ECS LAVXA2-L via P4x400 on-board Audio and LAN Motherboard
- 64MB RIVA TNT2 Video Card
- (2) 512MB PC333 DDR Generic Memory
- 40GB 7200RPM Maxtor Hard Disk
- 10/100Mbps Rhine II VT6102PCI LAN Card
- 3.5" 1.44MB SONY Floppy Drive
- 52X Max Samsung CDROM Drive
- 100MB IOMega Zip Drive ATAPI
- 15" LG Studioworks 500G Color Monitor
- Genius Super Wrist Rest Keyboard
- Genius EasyMouse Pro

(5) Client Computers
- 1.7GHz Intel Celeron Processor
- DFI PM12TC onboard Audio and Video Motherboard
- 128MB DDR Memory
- 10/100Mbps CNET Pro200 PCI LAN card
- 3.5" 1.44MB Mitsumi Floppy Drive
- 100MB IOMega Zip Drive ATAPI
- 15" AOC COlor Monitor
- BOKA K2102 Multimedia Keyboard
- 180W Multimedia Speaker System

(1) Network Switch

LAN Cables
Software Specifications:
- Redhat 9.0 (Operating System)
- Gnome (Desktop manager)
- Open Office 1.0.1 (Office Productivity Suite)
- Mozilla 1.2 (Web Browser)
- the Gimp (graphics editor)
- Educational Packages
- Accessories
- Acrobat Reader and XPDF (PDF viewer)
- Xsane (scanning)
- Evolution (email)
- Gaim (Instant Messenger)
- GnomeMeeting (Video Conferencing)
- LinNeighborhood and gFTP (File Transfer)
- KPPP (Dial-up)
- Rdesktop (Remote Desktop Connection)
- Dia (Vector Graphics editor)
- Emacs, XEmacs, Vi Improved, gEdit (text editors)
- Bluefish and Quantra Plus (HTML editors)
- XMMS, Grip, Kaboodle, KMidi, Noatun, MPLayer, RealPlayer (multimedia)
- X-CD-Roasr, Gnome Roaster (CD Writer)
- Squid (Proxy Server)
- LTSP 3.0
Trainings Conducted:
Basic LTSP System Administration and Maintenance
Server and Client COmputer Management Manuals
Project Duration:
October 2003 - October 2004 (w/Technical Support)
Sample Setup:

The setup at Veritas Parochial School,
being tested by BLTCM members

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